Each to their own

Short Film

Still reeling from the aftermath of her father’s unexpected death, Jenya wanders through the suburban landscape of Auckland, eventually finding herself drawn into the bosom of a Charismatic church.

CAST  - Jenya: Kate O’Gorman  *  Caroline: Tania Anderson  *  Sam: Poppy Macleod   *  Greg : Robert Stanfield  *  Pastor Mike: Michael Koloi  *  Pastor Chris: Bruce Hopkins  *  Ben : Oskar Roberts  *  Real Estate Agent: Vanessa Riddell

CREW -  Writer & Director: Maria Ines Manchego  *   Producer: Lani-Rain Feltham  *  Director of photography: Andrew McGeorge   *  Production Designer: Rosie Guthrie   *  Costume Designer: Kylie Cooke  *  Editors: Richard Shaw  & Maria Ines Manchego  *  Composer: Cameron Ballantyne  *  Casting Director: Adrian Dentice  *  Make-up: Katie Melody Rogers   *  Post Production: Palace   *  Colour: Dave McLaren